Sharpe Season 1 Airdrop is now live!

Sharpe Labs
2 min readMar 11, 2024

Introduction to Sharpe Labs
Sharpe is an AI-powered crypto super-app designed for professional traders, offering a unified platform for intelligence, investing, and automating digital assets. With over 70,000 users in just two months since its launch, Sharpe has become the fastest-growing crypto super-app.

How to Participate in the Sharpe Season 1 Airdrop

1. Sign Up: Register on the Sharpe App to instantly receive 100 Sharpe Points.

2. Invest in Sharpe Earn: Boost your Sharpe Points by investing in Sharpe Earn strategies, such as Lido stETH, Rocketpool rETH, and Coinbase CBETH. Each dollar invested corresponds to one Sharpe Point. Utilize leverage to further increase your points; for example, investing 1 ETH when ETH is valued at $3000 and applying 10x leverage earns the user 30,000 Sharpe Points.

3. Active Engagement: Actively engaging with the Sharpe app contributes towards earning more Sharpe Points. These points are calculated retroactively and are not immediately visible to prevent gamification. They are added to your total points, starting from March 1st, 2024, at 5 PM UTC.

The distribution of the Sharpe Season 1 Airdrop is based on the total number of Sharpe Points accumulated in a user’s account.

Maximizing Rewards and Engagement with Sharpe

The Sharpe Points Program offers community members a unique opportunity to earn early rewards and enjoy exclusive benefits. Use this phase to maximize your participation and rewards. Sharpe is committed to rewarding your engagement. Start your investment journey and begin accumulating Sharpe Points for the Season 1 Airdrop today!



Sharpe Labs

Sharpe Labs is a DeFi R&D lab that creates open-source innovative investment solutions using our Institutional-Grade Asset Management tooling and infrastructure