Sharpe Leaderboard is Now Live! Earn Sharpe Points Towards the Season 1 Airdrop

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3 min readApr 15, 2024

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the highly anticipated Sharpe Leaderboard! As an integral part of the Sharpe Season 1 Airdrop, Sharpe Points will play a crucial role in rewarding the most active and engaged users in our community. We’re talking ‘refresh the page 50 times a day’ kind of engagement here, folks.

The Sharpe Leaderboard: Tracking Progress and Performance
The Leaderboard provides a real-time snapshot of your standing among Sharpe users, showcasing the top performers and inspiring healthy competition. By tracking your progress on the Leaderboard, you can monitor how your Sharpe Points earnings stack up against others in the ecosystem. It’s kind of like leveling up in a video game, except your Sharpe Airdrop is the one getting the high score.

Sharpe Points Rubric: Unlocking Multipliers for Greater Rewards
At the heart of the leaderboard is the Sharpe Points Rubric, a system designed to incentivize users to invest more in Sharpe Earn strategies. The Rubric offers multipliers on the Sharpe Points you earn, based on your total investment amount:

For example, if you invest $20,000 worth of ETH in Sharpe Earn, the first $5,000 would earn you 5,000 Sharpe Points at the 1x multiplier. The remaining $15,000 would then earn you 22,500 Sharpe Points at the 1.5x multiplier. In total, your $20,000 investment would result in 27,500 Sharpe Points.

The more you invest in Sharpe Earn, the greater the bonus Sharpe Points you can accrue.

It’s important to note that Sharpe Points are not earned for simply holding a Sharpe Earn position. However, we strongly recommend maintaining your Sharpe Earn positions to maximize your yield rewards.

Exciting Enhancements to Sharpe Earn: Lower Fees, Higher Rewards

We have now reduced fees by 90% to only 1 bps. This reduction makes engaging with Sharpe Earn significantly more accessible, enabling you to maximize your investments and increase your accrual of Sharpe Points. This change reflects our ongoing commitment to enhancing user value and stimulating active participation across all our services.

Sharpe’s Expanding Ecosystem: Diverse Opportunities to Earn Sharpe Points

The Sharpe Points Rubric applies not only to Sharpe Earn but also to our upcoming products such as the Sharpe DEX, Sharpe Perpetual DEX, Sharpe Bridges, and cross-chain swaps. As the Sharpe ecosystem continues to grow, so too will the avenues for earning Sharpe Points. Just don’t forget to factor in a bathroom break every now and then.

Monthly Rewards and Consecutive Airdrops
In addition to the Season 1 Airdrop, we will be offering monthly rewards for the top Sharpe Points earners. More details on these monthly rewards will be announced soon. So if you’re feeling extra competitive (or just really hate sleep), you’ll have multiple chances to come out on top. And by ‘top,’ we mean way too much time spent staring at a screen.

Moreover, active users of the Sharpe App will be eligible for points-based and consecutive airdrops. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting upcoming opportunities.

Join the Sharpe Leaderboard Race!
The Sharpe Leaderboard is now live, and the race has begun. Start earning Sharpe Points today by participating in the Sharpe ecosystem, and position yourself for the Season 1 Airdrop and beyond. Just remember to save some energy for your day job — we wouldn’t want you to lose that steady paycheck while you’re busy chasing Sharpe Points greatness.



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