Sharpe AI Joins Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub

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2 min readMar 18, 2024

Sharpe AI Joins Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub: Accelerating Innovation in Crypto AI

We’re thrilled to announce that Sharpe AI is now a part of Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub. This strategic initiative by Microsoft is designed to support startups specializing in AI, providing them with the tools and guidance needed to drive innovation and shape the future.

At the core of Sharpe’s mission is the advancement of generative AI stack applied to crypto markets and the development and distribution of generative AI apps that are highly performant and cheaper compared to generalized LLMs such as Chatgpt by OpenAI, Claude by Anthropic, and others.

1. Access to Industry-Leading AI Services: Through Microsoft, we’ll tap into cutting-edge AI models, including OpenAI GPT-4. This access empowers us to improve our flagship product, SharpeGPT, and deliver superior solutions for crypto-related generative AI and language processing tasks.

2. Expert Guidance: One of the key benefits of joining the Founders Hub is the opportunity to receive 1:1 technical advice from expert engineers. This support is invaluable, helping us optimize our infrastructure, reduce costs, and boost performance.

3. Expanded Networks: Through the Founders Hub, Sharpe AI gains access to a global team of experts and mentors. Connecting with other startups and thought leaders within the hub opens up new opportunities for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and growth.

4. Integration with Beloved Dev Tools: Microsoft Azure’s integration with popular development tools will streamline our workflows and reduce time-to-market. This integration, coupled with Azure’s open-source friendly environment, allows us to use the technologies that best suit our needs.

Building the Future with Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub
Joining Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub is a big milestone for Sharpe AI. With access to Microsoft’s industry-leading AI infrastructure, including large-scale models and APIs, we’re positioned to pioneer new frontiers in generative AI and crypto-native large-scale language processing. Access to Microsoft’s unmatched expertise in AI sets us on a path to accelerate technological progress and set new standards in our industry.

About Sharpe AI:
Sharpe is an AI-powered crypto super-app designed for professional traders, offering a unified platform for intelligence, investing, and automating digital assets. With over 100,000 users in two months since its launch, Sharpe is the fastest-growing super-app in crypto.



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