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2 min readJun 1, 2022

As attractive as it may look, investing in DeFi is not uncomplicated. The DeFi space is complex and often perplexing at times.

Most users find it difficult to rebalance, monitor, and manually re-adjust their positions across chains and between strategies and protocols to earn the highest yield.

Additionally, new platforms offer extreme liquidity rewards, which are not sustainable returns, to attract customers. The yield is unreliable, unhedged, and subject to price risk.

All such problems but what’s the solution, ser?

*Enters Sharpe*

“I got 99 problems but investing in DeFi ain’t one”

Sharpe’s mission is to make investing in DeFi easier by creating strategy vaults that are tailored to users’ specific needs and risk tolerance.

But what does Sharpe do?

Sharpe is a layer 2 DeFi protocol that builds composable and capital efficient products atop blue chip primitives in order to earn the maximum yields in DeFi.

We’re building the key middleware infrastructure for asset management by creating novel investment strategies combining multiple primitives and protocols.

We create products to help users make better crypto investments.

Our core focus:

Sharpe leverages a multi-strategy approach to creating innovative on-chain investing strategies that utilize AMMs, leveraged yield farming protocols, options, futures, and fixed income products to generate the highest possible yields.

Sharpe achieves all of this with the help of its automated smart contracts, sophisticated financial engineering techniques, and research methodology.

“Diversification is the only free lunch” — Harry Markowitz

Our multi-strategy approach allows us to tap into different market inefficiencies and assists users in moving capital across investment strategies as dislocations, volatility, and directional regimes change over time.

We have only one purpose and that is to become the go-to platform for investing in DeFi.

“I feel the need… the need for yield.”

We’re just getting started and going live with the alpha launch of our first product — Taurus.

Send us an email at if you’d want early access to the release.

— Sharpe team



Sharpe Labs

Sharpe Labs is a DeFi R&D lab that creates open-source innovative investment solutions using our Institutional-Grade Asset Management tooling and infrastructure