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2 min readDec 6, 2023

Sharpe has integrated with to enhance our DeFi execution platform. This integration enables Sharpe Earn users to experience lower slippages on leveraged liquid staking products such as Lido stETH and Rocketpool rETH, offering up to 10x leverage.

We are excited to announce that Sharpe is now powered by 0x, marking a significant enhancement to our DeFi execution platform. Through our 0x integration, Sharpe Earn users will experience lower slippages on leverage liquid staking products on Lido stETH and Rocketpool rETH, enabling users to engage with up to 10x leverage. This integration is a strategic leap in our mission to deliver the finest institutional-grade DeFi solutions.

Why did we choose to build on the 0x?

The decision to integrate 0x stems from its proven stability, flexibility, and comprehensive documentation. By leveraging 0x Swap API, Sharpe can now efficiently manage token swaps, streamlining our backend operations and optimizing performance. This integration is critical to delivering a seamless and efficient user experience.

Sharpe’s Utilization of 0x Swap API

Through 0x Swap API, Sharpe gains access to extensive liquidity across decentralized exchanges, ensuring the best possible swap rates for our users. This advanced DEX aggregation and smart order routing capability enables Sharpe to execute trades with minimal slippage, thereby maximizing transaction efficiency.

Key benefits for Sharpe Earn users include:

🔹 Optimal Swap Rates

🔹 Efficient DEX Aggregation & Smart Routing

🔹Reduced Slippage & Enhanced Trade Execution

🔹 Access to Deep Liquidity Pools

The Future of Sharpe and 0x

This integration marks the beginning of an ongoing collaboration. Sharpe will introduce more innovative products built on Tx Relay API and other developments, utilizing 0x’s reliable infrastructure. We are excited about the opportunities this integration presents and will continue to provide updates.

For detailed information on how Sharpe builds leverage yield products, visit our Documentation.



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