Caterpillar to Butterfly: The Metamorphosis of Sharpe Labs

Sharpe Labs
2 min readFeb 8, 2023


Sharpe Labs: Infrastructure for Cutting-Edge Investing Products

Sharpe Labs has always been committed to developing the best-in-class investing products. During our work building investment products, we became aware of the growing need for a vertical multi-chain SDK infrastructure that would enable the creation of investment products in a streamlined and efficient manner. As a result, we refocused on building an infrastructure that would serve as the foundation for the next generation of DeFi investment products.

The Sharpe(st) Tool in the DeFi Shed

Building on the ERC4626 standard, Sharpe Labs is the ultimate DeFi SDK infrastructure, providing open-source investment tooling and the infrastructure needed to build institutional-grade asset management solutions.

Few of many use cases:

  • 🔒 On-chain Managed Accounts: Secure vault infrastructure for non-custodial asset management.
  • 💪 Leveraged Vaults: higher yields with proper risk management framework.
  • 🤖 DeFi Automation: Streamlining DeFi investment process.

Check out our docs to learn more!

Sharpe Labs has built an integration for many major DeFi protocols:

  • 🦄 Ethereum Protocols: Uniswap v2 and v3, Alpha Homora v2, Maple, GMX, Convex, Gearbox, and more!
  • 🌃 Polygon Protocols: Aave, Stader, Lido, Chainlink, and 1inch

Sharpe is at the forefront of a bright future for DeFi, one that is rife with opportunity. We’re influencing the design and use of investment products with our cutting-edge infrastructure and user-friendly solutions. Sharpe has something to offer, regardless of whether you’re a fund, an institution, a DAO, or a power user. Join us as we lay the foundation for DeFi’s better, more efficient future.



Sharpe Labs

Sharpe Labs is a DeFi R&D lab that creates open-source innovative investment solutions using our Institutional-Grade Asset Management tooling and infrastructure