Announcing Sharpe Points

Sharpe Labs
1 min readDec 8, 2023


Sharpe Points Program is officially underway with Season 1 Airdrop. Aimed at Sharpe Earn users, this initiative is a token of appreciation and motivation for our community’s active participation.


Earn Sharpe Points by leveraging on Lido stETH and Rocketpool rETH through Sharpe Earn putting your idle ETH to use and earning up to 20% APR on Arbitrum network.

How it works

Sharpe Point Allocation: For every dollar invested in Sharpe Earn, participants will receive 1 Sharpe Point.

Opportunities Ahead

The Sharpe Points Program presents an invaluable chance for community members to reap early rewards and enjoy exclusive benefits. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about Sharpe Season 1 Airdrop and leverage this phase to maximize your participation and rewards.

Stay Engaged

Keep leveraging and stay active in the Sharpe community. As we progress, more surprises and benefits await our loyal participants. Sharpe is committed to rewarding your engagement. Start investing and accumulating Sharpe Points of Season 1 Airdrop today!

P.S. Look out for our upcoming announcements for more details on the rewards and advantages of being part of the Sharpe community. Your safe yield journey with Sharpe is just getting started!

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